Amilia and Planitou: Providing an Intuitive User Experience to Camps and Daycares

Amilia and Planitou are proud to partner to offer the most complete solution to camps and daycares in Canada. Amilia allows these organizations to manage their online registration, financial reports, staff and much more. In addition, Planitou offers several valuable features such as:

  • Interactive attendance,
  • Children logbooks,
  • Activity planning.

The integration of Amilia and Planitou ensures the synchronization of the two solutions while offering an intuitive user experience that meets the needs of camps and daycares.

"Planitou's mission is to ensure the healthy development of children from an early age by providing camps and daycares with the appropriate resources. From the beginning, we knew that our platform was complementary to Amilia. The integration of the two solutions will have a huge impact on the efficiency of camp and daycare operations and at the same time, on the quality of the education offered to children."
Jonathan Thivierge
President and Co-Founder, Planitou

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