The Stage Beauty Company

Take Your Dance Studio to the Next Level

The Stage Beauty Company and Amilia have partnered to help you manage your business from both a registration and brand standpoint.

The Stage Beauty Company is a turn-key makeup solution for performance teams; providing a tailored brand and service to improve the team makeup buying experience! Working with dance, cheer, skating teams, Stage Beauty Co. specializes in custom makeup kits that are designed specifically for the stage - long-lasting, bold and vibrant!

Amilia is an industry leader in areas like online registration, membership management, facility scheduling and much more.

Here's what The Stage Beauty Company and Amilia can offer your dance studio:

  • Tailored team makeup design
  • Custom-built makeup kits
  • Best-in-class checkout process and online experience
  • An integrated platform to simplify the lives of your athletes
  • Seamless online registration for your activities
"At Stage Beauty Co. we are passionate about doing what we do best and as a result giving our clients more freedom to focus on what they do best, too! That's why we are so excited to partner with Amilia. They understand the intricacies and unique needs of performance teams and are constantly innovating to provide an unparalleled platform for the industry. We can't wait to share their offerings with our clients!"
Danielle Houston
Owner, The Stage Beauty Company

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