A software solution with a twist

All-in-one Parks and recreation software

When you choose Amilia, you’re getting a recreation software solution that is a cut above the competition. With our robust feature set that includes our Marketplace and Cost Recovery modules, all the tools you need to set your Parks and Recreation agency up for long-term success are at your fingertips.

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The online hub your community deserves

Create a hub for all activity-based opportunities with Amilia’s Marketplace module, a digital space where residents can find recreation options that take place at the right location and time for your scheduleWhen it comes to finding a desired class or activity that you'll love, the future is now with Amilia.

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CRM Database

Build an easily accessible database

Amilia’s CRM Database module allows you to build an information repository pulls from multiple organizations, giving you the ability to effortlessly access medical information and other vital details. With our powerful search tools, pinpointing the information you need has never been easier.

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Facility and Contract Management

Book the right facility for the right people at the right time

Using Amilia’s Facility and Contract management capabilities, you can take control of every aspect of your facility’s operations. Subdivide resources like gyms, fields or courts to maximize usage, color-code booking calendars to stay organized and create digital contracts that are totally customizable to suit your agency’s specific needs.

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Cost Recovery

Demystify your revenues and expenses

Cost Recovery is an easy way to make your organization run smoothly and efficiently. By analyzing detailed information that you can easily upload to your database in spreadsheet format, you can get a true picture of your financials and leave the tedium of manual data entry behind for good.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Invest in software that evolves with you

Just like a Netflix or Spotify account, investing in Amilia’s SaaS means you don’t pay extra for regular updates. Our cloud-based solution also allows you to scale administrative usage based on the exact number of the users you have. Amilia can be the hub that turns your organization into a well-oiled SmartRec machine.

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Client satisfaction

"We chose Amilia because it was the only system that did everything. It's a life changer in the way it saves us time"

Kellie Stamp, Coach & Account Manager At Cheer Sport Sharks

"Now, when a customer has questions, I only have to take my smartphone out of my pocket and connect to Amilia. I have access to all accounts and I can answer their questions immediately. The fact that the platform is mobile-friendly is essential since we are always in action. I spend a lot of time at the gym for training or out of Montreal at competitions, so it is very important for me to easily access the platform from any device."

Charles Lanoue, Owner at Flyers Cheerleading

"Customers are delighted with the easy Amilia system that lets them register and pay online. Over 90% of their payments are now taken online."

Zach Hirschtritt, Co-director at Parts and Crafts

"Before Amilia, our staff would spend hours upon hours entering registration information into three different systems. Amilia gives them the time to plan & improve programming so that we can better serve our residents."

Chris Kearney, Recreation Director Montreal West

"From the get go, the support team guided us through the set-up and made sure we were ready for our first registration period. They went above and beyond to ensure we understood the back end of the system and that all of our current customers were transferred over from our former system. Change is always hard, but they made it as painless as possible."

Kyle Shewfelt,Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics

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