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State-of-the art Online Resource Management and Registration Software that integrates with the SmartCity model.
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Improve your resident services

Simplify the way your residents register, pay and manage their activity schedule.

Better manage your resources

Centralize your resource management for more simplicity and efficiency.

Make informed decisions

All the tools you need to make smart decisions for your city and its residents.

Smart solutions for Smart Cities

Increase resident engagement by simplifying the way they interact with the partner organizations offering activities within your community

User Accounts

 Family accounts allow a resident to add as many family members as they like to their accounts. It simplifies the registration and payment process because all family purchases can be completed in one transaction. Your residents will be able to access all their documents purchase history, schedule of activities, invoices in one location. Corporate accounts allow billing to third parties that are affiliated with your municipality. That way they can benefit from reduced rates on memberships, activities or facility rentals.

Resident cards & Access management

Our software allows you to create your own residents cards, available in digital and printed versions. Using your printed or digital card, it is possible to manage access to your various facilities;sports centers, pools, gyms, etc. This module is fully integrated with our database and allows you to quickly access your residents files.  Learn More

Online Registration & Directory

Make it easy for your residents to find and register for activities in your community with a custom directory and intuitive online registration process. Thanks to its web-based platform and its modern infrastructure, Amilia is designed to manage periods of high registrations. Your residents will be able to navigate your activities and view the available spots in real time.
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Better manage your resources

Manage your sport, cultural, corporate facilities, staff and contracts in one place. 

Staff management

Manage staff schedules, activity assignments and time sheets in one system so you can quickly find availabilities and schedule conflicts. Learn More

Rental contracts

With our modern and intuitive interface, creating and managing contracts is a breeze. Facilities, rooms, equipment and miscellaneous extras may be added before issuing the contract. Learn More

Facility and equipment rentals

Manage your sport, cultural and corporate facilities: gyms, rinks, arenas, fields, tennis courts, auditoriums, meeting rooms, swimming pools and lanes, etc. Facilities can be sub-divided as needed to suit your needs.
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Make informed decisions

Our reporting module lets you choose from 20 different reports to track (in real-time) everything from sales summaries, accounts receivable, end of shift reports and more.

Business Intelligence for intelligent cities

Keep track of your statistics to identify what activities are most profitable by viewing what gross and net revenues are generated for each of them. Keep an eye on your accounts payable and receivable. All reports and statistics can be exported into a CSV file so you can easily import it to your accounting system or manipulate the data.
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Real-time Data

Our platform allows you to gain insight into your programs and facility usage across a number of parameters. Leverage this data to make informed decisions on which programs perform the best and which need to be revised.

Partner Organization Management

Amilia allows you to manage the relationships between the various levels and organizations that coexist in the municipal universe: cities, boroughs, associations and partner organizations. Our software simplifies real-time data sharing, billing and reporting for smart cities.

See What our Clients are Saying

"Amilia has been a great help to us, helping boost revenue and making our lives easier with its features. One of the great things about them is they listen to their clients and try to integrate our suggestions and needs into each update. Highly recommend for recreation programs"
Chris Kearney
Recreation Director, Montreal West
"Registration online has never be so easy and worry free for our organisation. We started using Amilia in February this year and have increased our sales by 40%. The process for generating lists for our Animators has been very easy. We now use it for our Saturday classes and our preschool program. I strongly recommend this online registration platform!"
Johanne Desjardins
Co-founder, Langmobile
"Amilia is easy to use and has saved us valuable time. Our team actually stared at each other in disbelief on the evening of public registration because the classes were filling and the phone was silent! Obviously our new customers found it intuitive to use as well!"
Kyle Shewfelt
Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics

Learn more about our SmartRec vision

Our vision is based on three central values: accessibility, availability and sharing of information. Amilia allows you to improve the quality of the services offered to your residents while reducing operating costs. 
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