Give your community the power to find what they're searching for. The Marketplace is a dynamic space where your community members can search, discover, and sign-up for whatever it is they're interested in.

57% of Americans and 52% of Canadians say they would start using local recreation facilities more if it were easier to find activities in their community.

Based on a 2016 survey of 3000+ Canadian & American residents aged 18+.

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Make your activities accessible to the whole community

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to sign up for an activity but doesn't yet know where that activity is offered. Looking for activities can be overwhelming for busy parents or new community members who just want something close to home, school or the office. Amilia makes all this much easier.

The marketplace draws attention to your store for those who may not know you exist.

Through the Marketplace, people can browse for activities they're interested in. They can filter down to the day of the week, the location, or even a specific time of day. If they find something they like, they can register and pay without ever leaving the Marketplace.

The power of the Marketplace? Connecting communities with organizations.

The true power of our Marketplace lies in its ability to connect your organization with members of your community.. Not only can you get your activity offerings into the public sphere, you can also manage your brand consistency at the same time. Any details you program in your Amilia store will display the exact same way through the Marketplace. The Marketplace is also search engine optimized to drive traffic and generate exposure for your offerings.

Seamless website integration

With Amilia, you can embed the Marketplace on your site within a matter of minutes. Using standard HTML code, it's literally a copy and paste to embed the Marketplace in your existing website. If your site requires a more complex setup to satisfy your community's needs, our team is ready to help you every step of the way.