Cost Recovery

Adopting a cost recovery philosophy is key to running a sustainable publicly funded organization. Amilia's Cost Recovery module will help you manage your financials like never before, allowing you to oversee all the costs incurred by your activities, facilities and programs, as well as the true amount of revenue that you're recovering once expenses are accounted for.

Easy, Intuitive Cost Recovery

Tracking your direct and indirect costs is easy with Amilia's software, helping you manage your cost recovery from start to finish. The Cost Recovery module lets you import external data into the system so you can contextualize everything with your activity and resource planning to interpret all important financial details.

Real-Time Data

After an initial data import and setup of your service categories and costs, Amilia automates your cost recovery insights. All your cost recovery information updates in real-time based on the planning you do through Amilia, ensuring that you always have the most current figures on hand.. It's data that you can easily interpret and use to empower your organization for the present and into the future.

Get Actionable Information

Don't struggle with complex resource allocation decisions when you use Amilia. Cost Recovery gives you an overview on performance of your service categories and individual activities or classes. You can set goals and see which categories or activities are reaching, surpassing or lagging behind for their objectives. By analyzing direct and indirect costs, you'll know which activities you should continue or consider adjusting.

Cost Recovery