Payment Options

Say goodbye to frustrating payment processes with Amilia, software that gives both clients and managers more flexibility than ever before. Customers can pay for classes, activities or drop-ins using a credit card or e-check, bringing added convenience to registration periods. Administrators can also set up pro-rated payment plans or allow members to pay in installments, saving staff members from having to collect outstanding fees.

Payment installments feature screenshot using amilia software

Automated Payments

By choosing Amilia, you're getting a software solution that won't have you chasing down client payments ever again. It starts during the registration process, with our automated billing functionality ensuring that all transactions are completed before any sign-ups are finalized. They’ll receive their statement by e-mail immediately.

Accessing previous payment information is also stress-free with Amilia, as each user is able to view their transaction history and retrieve previous statements by logging in to their user account. Clients and administrators will always know exactly what fees have been paid and if there are any outstanding payments to resolve.

Give clients flexible payment options

Paying for classes or activities before, during or after registration was once a needlessly complicated task. Now, Amilia has simplified revenue generation by offering members credit card and e-check payment options, while other online and in-person payments can also be accepted.

Payment Processing and Security

Simple payment integration where security is priority. When it comes to online payments, security and flexibility are our highest priorities. Amilia meets the strictest PCI-DSS standards so that you and your clients can have peace of mind while making purchases through our platform. We also offer easy integration with different payment processing options – all of which can be used with a dedicated merchant account.