2600 S. 124th Street Omaha NE 68144 US

Start date: Wednesday, February 3 2021.


 On Wednesdays from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM.

 14 times starting 2/3/2021

Resource person: Healey, Erin

Location: 101


New and current students welcome!         

Designed to be a student's first systematic introduction to the sciences, students explore topics such as the scientific method, simple machines, geology, archaeology, biology, anatomy and other disciplines, providing a wide range of scientific exposure. Experiments and demonstrations are included throughout, giving students practical experience as they discover the principles behind the science. Focus is placed on developing habits that will carry over into high school science, such as notetaking, quizzes, and tests. Homework: 1-3 hours per week. [Note: This class was previously called Introduction to Science.]

Students supply Exploring Creation with General Science Student Textbook, 2nd Edition (Apologia)

Time: 11am, ending 5/5    

Tuition: $105 for 14 weeks/ $94.50 for volunteers    Supply Fee: $15

Available: 3+

Price: $105.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 11 - 16 as of 2/3/2021

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