105 Gibson Drive Markham ON L3R3K7 CA

Start date: Saturday, January 1 2022.


 Monthly on day 1 from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

 From 1/1/2022 until 1/1/2023


Help us to ensure our community neighbours have access to food and hope. We can’t do it without you!

Monthly Donation - Your regular support will ensure a stable source of funding even when times are tough, we can still get food to those who need it most.

There are 5 choices of support. Please select the one if appropriate. 





Clients may cancel a recurring donation via the Purchases tab in their user account.

Mandatory membership(s):

  • Monthly Donation - $20/month
  • Monthly Donation - $50/month
  • Monthly Donation - $100/month
  • Monthly Donation - $200/month
  • Monthly Donation - $500/month

Price: $20.00 - $500.00 /month

Notes: This is NOT an official tax receipt. This is to acknowledge our receipt of your donation. To protect your privacy, donation amount will NOT be shown on the invoice. We are operated under Toronto Christian Community Church (charitable number: 108114026 RR0001) and the official tax receipt will be issued by TCCC before February of the following year. Please kindly contact us if you have not received it by March. Your contribution to 105 Gibson Centre is invaluable to the work we do. Through your generosity we will continue to deliver programs and services critical to the local and those in need within our South Markham and Upper Scarborough communities. During this pandemic, we have not stopped to deliver essential services through our food bank, virtual counselling and related health services, and worked creatively to add to our collective impact, partnering with others to advocate for and furthering mental health and holistic well-being, and food stability. Our next phase of development (Phase 3) takes aim at furthering holistic health, including the health of our environment. As a partner and friend of 105 Gibson, we value your support. We are amazed at what God is doing in this community and where he is leading us, with many calling 105 Gibson Centre their second home. We humbly use this strategic position to continue to be relevant and to make a difference in our community. 105 Gibson has programs and services in seven core areas: Youth and Young Adults; Lifelong Learning for Adults 55+, otherwise known as Abundant Life Institute; Sports; Recreational Programs for adults, families, and children; Health Services; Community Services for those in need through our Food Bank, Free Tax Clinic and Thrift Store; and the 105 Gibson Cultural Café. If you would like more information about us or to inquire about other ways to support the Centre, please feel free to contact us at info@105gibson.com or 905.946.8787. Disclaimer: 105 Gibson Centre will use all reasonable and best efforts to honour donors’ wishes in disbursing their donation to the program of their choice. Where donations have exceeded the immediate demands of the designated program or where the program is cancelled, 105 Gibson Centre will reserve the right to redirect the donation to other priority areas.

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