Welcome to Halifax Cheer Elite's online Registration and Payment portal! Here, you can begin paying for the team of your choice. There are a few options of teams to choose from that range in fees. Our Tiny program is for ages 2-4 offering a basic intro to cheer, Our Mini program is for ages 5-8 offering an intro to cheer, Our Prep program is for ages 6-12 offering an intermediate semi-competitive cheerleading experience, and finally Our Allstar program is for ages 8+ offering an intensive competitive cheerleading experience (high commitment). You can choose which type of program your child is best suited for. All programs require no prior experience, it is really based on which type of fee, intensity level and commitment level your athlete is ready for! If you need help selecting a program please email for further guidance.


187 Bluewater Road

Bedford, NS, B4B 1K9


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