647 - Unit 101 Princess St. Kingston ON K7L 1E4 CA

Start date: Tuesday, October 12 2021.


 On Tuesdays from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

 8 times starting 10/12/2021


 Paul Whittingham

Resource person: Maddi Andrews (contact@ksoa.info)

Location: ONLINE


Calling anyone with an interest in graphic design or starting a career in graphic design! You will learn a bit about what graphic design entails, what you can expect, and an overview of the many facets of graphic design (typography, colour, layout, design programs, projects, places of work, incomes, clients, and more).

End Goal: Students will have a clear understanding of what graphic design is, what they can expect when starting a college course, and a beginner-level outline of the programs, core subjects and more.

Available: 14

Price: $240.00 Taxes waived

Requirements: Necessary Programs: Windows/Mac System Zoom Optional Programs: Adobe Suite (Adobe has a 1-week free trial available. The instructor will outline different purchasing options during the first session.)

Tags: Beginner Adults Course

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