647 - Unit 101 Princess St. Kingston ON K7L 1E4 CA

Start date: Saturday, September 17 2022.


 On Saturday, September 17, 2022 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Resource person: Maddi Andrews (contact@ksoa.info)

Location: Memorial Park


Join Kingston School of Art and Move With Billie for Yoga Life Drawing! 

Unfamiliar with Yoga Life Drawing? No problem! In this unique class, students will have the opportunity to be both the model and the artist. Life Drawing involves closely observing the human body and drawing its form -- in this case -- the beautiful shapes created in a yoga practice. Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in yoga and life drawing, switching activities part-way through.

This is not only a practice of mindfulness, and creativity but in loving and appreciating all forms of the human body.  

No prior yoga or artistic experience is necessary. We will be offering demonstrations and tips throughout the session. 

Yoga Instruction by Billie Smith of MovewithBillie.com

Life Drawing Instruction by Heather Poechman

Available: 18

Price: $30.00 Taxes waived

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