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2020-2021 Alberta Gymnastics Federation Developmental Competitive/FAST Insurance Fee

This insurance coverage is for FAST athletes, Pre Competitive athletes and at this time Provincial and National Athletes. In the event of a competition season, Provincial and National athletes will be upgraded to their appropriate membership category. The cost for upgrading is:

Provincial Athletes: $213.50

National Athletes: $328.50 

Individual membership


2020-2021 Alberta Gymnastics Federation GFA/High Flyers/Can Jump Insurance Fee

This fee is paid directly to Alberta Gymnastics Federation to cover insurance for trampoline and gymnastics usage, registration membership to AGF and registration through Gymnastics Canada. This is not an Airborne Fee, amount is paid directly to AGF. This fee can not be refunded, credited or prorated. This fee insurance fee also covers gymnastics usage at any AGF associated gymnastics club in Alberta. This AGF fee will cover usage from July 1st 2020 to June 30th 2021.


Individual membership


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