Beach Cheer Athletics is owned and operated by it’s two momprenuer owners, Suzanne McLay and Anne-Marie Joyce.Truly a small idea that sparked into a flame, BCA has grown into a established, well respected youth sports facility. With 25 years experience each in the cheer world and friends since high school, Suzanne and Anne-Marie strive to provide a safe, fun, and challenging environment for athletes to develop and grow their love for the sport. At BCA we believe every child can have a meaningful experience in cheer; building their fitness level, developing self esteem, cultivating teamwork skills, and making lifelong friends that help shape the unique individual they will become. Competitive cheer may not be what you are looking for. We have many recreational tumbling, Ninja and cheer classes, as well as a pre-competitive stream. Whatever you are looking for, we have a class for you at BCA! We have become a leading resource for tumbling and Ninja in Toronto. If your child likes to ‘flip’ but doesn’t want a traditional gymnastics class, BCA will be able to support their interest. We have many athletes coming to us to train from other disciplines and/or sports such as parkour, diving, and acro dance. Tumbling and Ninja is a fun activity for any athlete at any age or level. There is always room at the BEACH for you! Life IS better at the BEACH.


100 Sunrise Ave.

Toronto, ON, M4A 1B3

(647) 725-6414

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