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It's the Bees' Knees! Named for the popular 1920s slang, Bees’ Knees Dance strives to embody the impressive standard from which our moniker was derived. The compliment was often bestowed on those deemed terrific dancers and we believe the expression can apply to absolutely anyone. Founded in 1999 by notable Toronto dancer Mandi Gould, Bees’ Knees Dance is now thriving under an enthusiastic collective of the studio’s instructors. Boasting decades of combined experience, members of the core team have trained with some of the world’s best across North America and Europe and compete and perform internationally with the Bees’ Knees Dance professional troupe, That Swing!. Classes with Bees’ Knees Dance are innovative, relaxed, and infectious, providing individual attention to each student and appealing to beginner and experienced dancers alike. We offer classes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Cane Tricks and Authentic Solo Jazz and Tap, and proudly offer the Bees’ Knees Tease to allow folks to try us out before committing to a full month program. Swing dancing in Toronto is so much more than a collection of steps - It’s joining a welcoming and supportive community; it’s building new relationships and colourful memories; it’s unleashing renewed confidence and limitless potential; it’s discovering live music so infectious, the rhythm reigns; and it’s the exhilaration of finding Toronto’s best kept secret brimming with joy, inclusivity, creativity and physical expression.



805 Dovercourt Rd

Toronto, ON, M6H 2X4

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