For almost one hundred years, BGC Ottawa, a registered charity, has provided programming directly to children and youth in vulnerable neighbourhoods. FREE Community-based services. Positive relationships. Life-changing programs. As one of Ottawa’s largest child and youth-serving charitable organizations, BGC Ottawa provides vital programs and services to an annual average of 4,500 young Members each year. We provide safe, supportive places where all kids and teens, of all backgrounds, can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, and develop confidence and skills for life. From anti-racism to Reconciliation to LGBTQ2S+, food security to scholarships to job readiness, our Clubs battle systemic issues with systemic solutions—equity, acceptance, support, opportunity. BGC Ottawa is about Systemic Opportunity.


2825 Dumaurier Avenue

Ottawa, ON, K2B 7W3

(613) 809-5398

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