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Gym & Learn Registration & Supply Fee

Gym & Learn is an academic and fitness-based preschool program for children between 2.9 and 5 years old. Gym & Learn students have the opportunity to learn through hands one sensory building and kinesthetic integrated activities. We encourage children to grow as learners by assessing creativity through guided instruction and free-play in order to build strong social skills and confidence.

Individual membership


Annual Individual Registration

This Annual Individual Registration Membership is for a single member attending any activities starting after September 7th.  This is an annual membership that expires a full year after purchase.  The fee is $20 per student, however at checkout a $2 service fee is automatically added.  We adjusted the online membership price to $18 to allow for a total of $20 to be charged for the membership.  Siblings will receive the $2 discount if the memberships are purchased in the same transaction online.    

Individual membership


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