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Start date: Tuesday, April 7 2020.

Schedule:  On Tuesday from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM.  From 4/7/2020 until 5/26/2020  Online
 On Wednesday from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM.  From 4/29/2020 until 5/27/2020  Online
 On Thursday from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM.  From 4/9/2020 until 5/28/2020  Online

Location: Online


Online Chess Lessons, April - May 2020.

This series of 21 online lessons will be conducted over Zoom meeting software.  Each lesson will be between 20 and 30 minutes in length.  Students will receive meeting login information before the start of the meeting.

Students may be signed up for individual lessons at $7 per session, or a bulk lesson package of 10 lessons can be purchased for $50 (click on "Bulk Lesson Discount" on the menu of this page).  Students wishing to attend all 21 lessons can sign up for the session for $90.

Included with the lessons will be the opportunity to play in our Friday Free-Play events on lichess.org each Friday afternoon.


Tuesdays 2 PM - Lesson
APR 7 - Attacking the Center: Why do it and how?
APR 14 - Don't move the same piece twice: Why you shouldn't do it
APR 21 - Develop Your Pieces: Why do it and how?
APR 28 - Most Opening Principles are the same: Tie them together
MAY 5 - Knight Support Points: What are they and why are they great!?
MAY 12 - Queen Support: How Queens support Bishops and Rooks
MAY 19 - Pawn Promotion: The main goal of most Endgames
MAY 26 - Trap the King with a Rook: Why it is helpful in the Endgame


Wednesdays 2 PM - Lesson

APR 29 - 5 Types of Attacks in Chess
MAY 6 - Good, Bad, Active Bishops: What are they and why does it matter?
MAY 13 - Pins: What are they and how to attack a pinned piece
MAY 20 - Forks: What are they and how each piece can fork!
MAY 27 - Checkmate: It takes teamwork

Thursdays 4 PM - Lesson
APR 9 - Castle Your King: Why do it?
APR 16 - Don't bring Queen Out Early: Why not and what to do if they do!
APR 23 - What is a Threat: How to look for threats and attacks
APR 30 - 5 Types of Defense in Chess
MAY 7 - Rooks to Open Files: Why do it and why it helps!
MAY 14 - Center Pawns: Why they are the best!
MAY 21 - Stop the Passed Pawn: Show how each piece can stop a passed pawn
MAY 28 - King to the Center: Why the king rushes to the center


Fridays 4 PM - Lichess Playtime

APR 10 - LiChess Club Playtime
APR 17 - LiChess Club Playtime
APR 24 - LiChess Club Playtime
MAY 1 - LiChess Club Playtime
MAY 8 - LiChess Club Playtime
MAY 15 - LiChess Club Playtime
MAY 22 - LiChess Club Playtime
MAY 29 - LiChess Club Playtime

Price: $90.00 Taxes waived

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