3410 Midcourt Rd. Carrollton TX 75006 US

Start date: Thursday, September 26 2019.

Schedule:  Every day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  From 9/26/2019 until 9/29/2019  Craft Guild of Dallas

Resource person: Melody Lynch

Location: Craft Guild of Dallas | Carrollton, TX, 75006


In this workshop, we’ll concentrate on the 7 most important image-making techniques to utilize on the glass canvas.    
Students will work with glass enamels, glass paints, glass powders, micas, stencil cutters and frisket, and specialty films.  We’ll thoroughly cover and utilize the following printmaking techniques; 1) SCREEN PRINTING; making your own screens the easy way 2) AIRBRUSHING; different tools and which work for each application 3) PHOTO RESIST; different films and why each works 4) POWDER PRINTING; easy shortcuts to great images 5) CUSTOM DECALS; decals, tints, and sources 6) DIRECT PAINTING; how, why, and when to do it 7) MASKING AND STENCILING; making your own custom stencils and masks. All supplies included.

Available: 1

Price: $675.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 18+ on the day of the activity

Requirements: All levels

Tags: Melody Lynch

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