Eastern Iowa Arts Academy is a non-profit after school arts provider serving K-12 students with free and low-cost art, music, drama, dance, theatre, creative writing classes. We have classes at various schools in the Cedar Rapids Community School District as well as the College Community School District. We also offer classes at our facility, the Music and Arts Studios, located at 1847 E Avenue NE in Cedar Rapids. Music and Arts Studios classes require a yearly membership. Adult classes are also offered at the Music and Arts Studios but do not require a membership, just a class fee. Adult classes are scheduled throughout the year. During the school year, classes are held in three terms; an 8-week fall term; a 6-week winter term; and an 8-week spring term. This is true in both the school setting and at the Music and Arts Studios. Summer classes and camps are held only at the MAS and vary in length from full week camps to 8-week sessions. We are committed to serving students who want to learn and grow in the arts regardless of financial circumstances. Scholarship opportunities available for youth classes at the Music and Arts Studios. For more information about classes please visit or call 319-350-1805.


Music and Arts Studios

Cedar Rapids, IA, 52402

(319) 350-1805

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