Edson Friendship Centre

A non profit oranization that provides programs and services to Edson and area.


The Edson Friendship Centre was established in 1986 and has been a long-standing contributor to the Town of Edson and area for over twenty nine years. Starting as a member of the Metis Nations of Alberta, Local #44, a dedicated group from the membership identified the needs of the Aboriginal community and seen a need for a larger and more equal voice for all of the Aboriginal people of Edson. In 1986 the group applied to join the Friendship Centre movement as a non-funded Centre. The Edson Friendship Centre now had the ability to become more inclusive to all the needs of the Aboriginal community from First Nations to Metis, as well as the ability to help non-Aboriginal people. The Centre throughout the twenty nine years of existence has been able to grow and meet the needs of the community. The development of a Drop-In and programs such as the Family Support Program, the organization was able to find a safe and supportive place for all people to come and receive services as needed. In the past, the Edson Friendship Centre has been successful at administering programs and services such as the Native Interpretive Trail, Job bank services, Youth programming, New Beginnings, New Directions, Women’s programming, Tourism training, Family Life Improvement Program, Metis Days, Summer camps and other programming. The largest and proudest accomplishment of the Edson Friendship Centre is the development and support given to the birth of the Hinton Friendship Centre.

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5501 3 Ave

Edson, AB, T7E 1L5

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