Dear Families, Welcome to our preschool! We are a small school with a 40+ year history of developing preschoolers in Wellington County through our exceptionally-rated early childhood education and developmental programs. We look forward to working with you and your child as they join us each week. It’s going to bean exciting year!! As a co-operative, our preschool is owned and operated by you and all of the other families enrolled. This means that you are directly involved with all aspects of the schools operation – from classroom programming to making financial decisions and participating to make our community events successful. We believe that communication and family involvement is key to your preschooler’s success! We also use Seesaw app to communicate with our parents and share pictures with you about our day at preschool. You will also receive newsletters via our email distribution list that will provide you with updates from the Preschool’s teachers, board of directors and committees about what we have been doing or what is coming up. Above all, we encourage you to develop a relationship with the teachers and board. Together, we will work together to provide you with the most memorable and positive preschool experience! We look forward to many happy days on your preschool adventure!! Miss Debbie, Miss Nancy, Miss Lesley, Miss Marion and the Board of Directors

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