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VEX IQ Competitive Robotics

This subscription is designated for payment of fees related to coaching, facility usage, and materials access for VEX IQ Robotics competitive teams at Engineering for Kids Las Vegas. 


$225.00 /month


Twice Weekly Session

This subscription covers two weekly sessions of open Technology Lab, Engineering Lab, or Classes. To use, sign up for an activity. You may switch to a different activity at any time. For questions about how switching activities will affect your child's experience, feel free to call our office or talk to your child's instructor. If you'd like more than two sessions per week, please add on the Once Weekly subscription for 3 sessions a week, or for 4 or more sessions, choose the Unlimited Sessions Subscription.

Many subscribers to this option use it for signing up for two classes in a row on the same day.


Weekend After School Homeschool

$220.00 /month


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