8540 - Roper Road Edmonton AB T6E 6V4 CA

Start date: Sunday, April 5 2020.

Schedule:  On Sunday from 6:15 PM to 7:45 PM.  From 4/5/2020 until 6/7/2020  Sheri Woo


A combination of Aerial Silks and Trapeze, the Loop allows students to explore new movements while utilizing technique learned in various aerial disciplines.

Mandatory membership:

  • Annual Membership 2019-2020

Available: 4/7

Price: $160.00 Taxes not included

Required age: 17+ on the day of the activity

Requirements: The prerequisite for Loop Level 1 - 2 is the completion of Beginning Aerial Silks and/or Introduction to Aerial Arts class.

Tags: Hammock

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