8540 - Roper Road Edmonton AB T6E 6V4 CA

Start date: Tuesday, August 3 2021.


 On Tuesday from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

 From 8/3/2021 until 8/24/2021

 Tara Bergen

Resource person: aerialarts@fireflytheatre.com

Location: Firefly Theatre & Circus


This is the class to begin your jouney as an aerialist. Learn to move yourself in, out and around a low aerial silk hammock. *Students may need to repeat this class before moving on to Level 1 

Mandatory membership:

  • Annual Membership 2020-2021

Available: Full

Price: $140.00 Taxes not included

Required age: 14+ on the day of the activity

Requirements: No Experience Necessary

Tags: Hammock Silks

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