WHAT WE DO: We are here to offer soccer activity classes for kids from their 7-10 years old, who are looking for a non competitive approach to sport. Fun First Sport is based in Toronto and we are not a formal soccer club or an academy. We are playing just FOR FUN, while still developing soccer skills, overall coordination, cardiovascular stamina and gross motor skills. HOW OUR PROGRAM CYCLES: Our age groups are divided into two categories: Fun First Foxes who are 7-8.5 years old and our Fun First Falcons who are 8-10 years old. We run 4 set terms per year, 3 inside and 1 outdoors. Classes run for 1 hour/week and focus on skill building, teamwork and match play. HOW THE HOUR BREAKS DOWN: FIRST 30 MINUTES - Warm up - Fun First, skill focused drills and games LAST 30 MINUTES: - Match play that is inclusive and develops our players love of the game.

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