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All Members of South Shore Drill Team create a GCYC Enrollment account to stay up-to-date on Center information and to allow the GCYC Membership and Safety Teams access to contact information on the chance there is an emergency. 

The SSDT Membership also provides accesss to GCYC Meal Service (if available) as well as our onsite medic clinic, ACCESS Health. 

Schedules and SSDT information will still be provided from the SSDT Office. For any questions or concerns regardling your Amilia account, please reach out with GCYC Membership Team, membership@gcychome.org 

Information needed regarding SSDT, please reach out to SSDT's Front Office, ssdtoffice@southshoredrillteam.org 

Individual membership


2021-2022 GCYC Youth Membership

This GCYC Youth Membership allows for access to Center programs that fit the age range of your young person, Center Events, Special Activties, Meals, and more!  With this membership, young people are able to attend onsite programs as well as have access to any continued virtual learning and videos provided throughout the year. 

This Membership applies from June 28, 2021-June 1, 2022. 

If you are receiving counseling or have a teen employment position, please contact Membership at membership@gcychome.org to have any applicable discounts applied!

Due to possible limits or restrictions set by the City of Chicago due to COVID-19, onsite participation may be limited to a certain #  of young people per program. If the spots have been filled, young people will be added to the waitlist but will have access to all online classes, videos, and activities! 

Additional informaion will be provided by program instructor following your registration and enrollment in prorgams. 

Individual membership


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