Tod's Point Sailing School offers a wide range of conveniently scheduled Junior and Adult Sailing courses. Each of the Core programs provides a wide range of courses from beginner to advanced to insure a progressive learning experience. There are also several Specialty courses covering Catamaran Sailing, Paddle Craft, and Racing Techniques available for Juniors and Adults. Tod’s Point Sailing School has a time-honored curriculum, in-house student manuals, final exams, and meaningful diplomas for each level within the Core program. Our U.S. Sailing certified instructors teach enduring sailing and boating skills along with a deep respect for the marine environment with priority on safety and fun. Boat rentals are available every day all season long providing everyone with the opportunity to continue sailing and mastering sailing skills.


Tod's Driftway

Old Greenwich, CT, 06870

(203) 637-2022

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