53 Laird Drive Toronto ON M4G 3T4 CA

Start date: Tuesday, September 28 2021.


 On Tuesday, Thursday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

 From 9/28/2021 until 12/16/2021

 53 Laird Drive

Resource person: info@gritathletics.ca

Location: 53 Laird Drive


The Grit Baseball Academy is for young athletes that are looking for a competitive and challenging training environment.  Athletes will establish a strong foundation of skills and movements while exploring advanced techniques and training methods. The programs being offered are the junior academy (grades 5-6) and the senior academy (grades 7-8). 


The primary focuses of this program include:

  • Hitting fundamentals: building complete hitters, understanding approach, mechanics, power.
  • Develop efficient throwing/pitching mechanics
  • Strength and conditioning: Improving explosiveness, stability, and mobility
  • Arm care 

Available: Full

Price: $1,680.00 Taxes not included

Required age: 9 - 11 on the day of the activity

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