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All You can Dance Membership (Monthly Auto-Renew For 3 Months)

Unlimited Classes within your level or below, this membership renews monthly with 7 days' notice. This membership is ideal for students who want to take 4 or more classes per week, perfect for those who are looking to learn different styles & levels of dances and get the most dance practice possible! This membership includes:

- Entry to all Haliente's weekly Socials/Practical’s 

- Unlimited 4-week Course and Drop-in Classes within your level or below 

- 30% Discount on all workshops and Master Classes (In-person and or Online)

- 30% Individual Private classes.  



                             Contract Agreement


This Auto-Renew Membership will be automatically billed to your credit card or deducted from your bank account until you cancel the membership. A minimum of 3 consecutive monthly payments is required for auto-renew. Cash and debit cards are NOT acceptable forms of payment for this membership.

  • Member agrees to make monthly payments of $230 plus tax in exchange for this Unlimited membership per month.
  • Member may select any 4-weeks and or drop-in Haliente Classes (within his/her level or below), and any Socials/Practicals being offered at Haliente
  • Members agree to pay their membership fees in full regardless of attendance or classes missed.
  • By signing up for this membership member agrees to a 3-month minimum commitment. 
  • Contracts will auto-renew after 3 months unless the member notifies Haliente within 7 days before the start of the next 3-month term.
  • Classes not used within each 30-day period do not carry over and cannot be transferred.
  • Members are responsible to make up for any classes missed. 
  • Reserve your class online on our schedule.

Cancellation Policy for Auto-Renew: The membership may be Paused or Canceled anytime with 7-days notice before the next month's payment is proceeded. If you feel that you will not be taking more than four classes in the coming months send us an email, and we can pause or cancel your membership. 

To cancel, notify Haliente via email at least ONE week (7-days) prior to the automatic billing date at info@haliente.ca. Once the email has been received, an email confirmation will be sent that the membership will be terminated at the end of the current paid month. Any request received after the automatic billing date or less than ONE week before the billing date will be processed the following month.

Note: The schedule will be posted from the 15th to the 20th  of the month. Once you purchase this membership all classes and activities attached to it will be $0 once you Proceed to checkout. Please note that our schedule may vary on a monthly basis and you are responsible for booking your own classes and socials/practical’s.  

We appreciate your business! And we Thank you for being an integral part of the Haliente Family! :)






$230.00 /month

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