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ALL YOU CAN DANCE (Unlimited Monthly VIP Pass)

Unlimited Classes within your level or below. This VIP membership is ideal for students who want to take 3 or more classes per week, who are looking to learn different styles & levels of dances, and get the most dance practice possible! This membership also includes: - Entry to all Haliente's weekly Socials and Events as well as weekly drop in classes (Hosted at Haliente). 



Note: Please note that this membership only applies to the month you purchase it, therefore users are encouraged to purchase it when our monthly schedule is posted! ( schedule will be posted on the 15th of the month). Once you purchase this membership all classes and events attached to it will be $0 once you Proceed to checkout.

- This membership DOES NOT apply and or include any four weeks course from another month order then the one the member purchase his or her membership. This membership doesn’t include workshops or guest Master Classes. 


If you have any question please email for detail. Thanks and happy dancing!

Individual membership


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