Our rigorous academic writing and public speaking programs will allow your student to be a better writer and communicator. The skills your student will develop will allow them to stand out from other applicants who are applying for scholarships and to private schools, prestigious colleges and writing contests. Headquartered in Washington, our online classes have helped thousands of students. Our highly qualified teachers offer a unique methodology delivered through a curriculum designed to provide the structure that students need to develop confidence when writing and speaking publicly. Each of our levels is divided into eight modules, each comprised of four lessons. All students begin with the first module appropriate for their current grade level. Each level builds on the previous level. Through Writing Symphony’s courses, your student will develop their notetaking, writing, and literary analysis skills. These skills will allow your students to thoughtfully organize and present well-written reports and presentations. They will also exercise their creative writing skills by learning to write from pictures and by writing creative stories. Additionally, the students learn practical stylistic techniques such as sentence prelude and sentence accents that take your student’s writing from mundane to engaging. They are taught incrementally to gently move students from the basics into more sophisticated writing and public presentations.


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