2200 East Grass Lake Road Lindenhurst IL 60046 US

Start date: Thursday, April 20 2023.


 On Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

 From 4/20/2023 until 6/1/2023

Resource person: Katie Kozuch - kkozuch@lindenhurstparks.org

Location: Grayslake Park District - 240 Commerce Drive


If you like to create and build things, this program is for you!  Take home your very engineering kit! You will build up to 8 working models including a material lift, stationary bike, crane bridge, construction crane, and windmill!  With the aid of your instructor and the easy-to-follow manual, you will learn different scientific principles involving pulleys and mechanics.  You will also learn about basic circuits as you construct a Maze Challenge, Flying Disc, Turbo Air, and Alarm System with our STEM Lab kit!  As future engineers, the STEM lab will teach you how to comprehend a schematic diagram and interpret the flow of electricity.  Design your own diagrams and watch your confidence soar as you transform wires, springs, and plastic parts into fully functional circuits.  COme obtained the necessary skills and experience to take on the technological challenges of the future!


Price: $165.60 - $207.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 8 - 12 on the day of the activity

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