2150 Fillmore Cr Ottawa ON K1J 6A4 CA

Start date: Sunday, January 19 2020.


 On Sunday from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

 From 1/19/2020 until 3/15/2020

 ÉSP Louis-Riel

Resource person: Maverick Youth Programs - Ian Whamond - ian@maverickvolleyball.ca

Location: ÉSP Louis-Riel | 1655 Bearbrook Rd, Gloucester, ON, K1B 4N3


This co-ed program is intended for players who have intermediate to advanced volleyball skills. There will be accelerated instruction and a greater focus on game-play compared to TEEN VOLLEY 1. 


Available: Full

Price: $225.00 Taxes not included

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Required age: 11 - 14 on the day of the activity

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Requirements: Completion of Teen Volley 1 and/or 2 years of school team experience. A minimum of intermediate level of skill

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