2150 Fillmore Cr Ottawa ON K1J 6A4 CA

Start date: Sunday, March 29 2020.


 On Sunday from 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM.

 From 3/29/2020 until 5/31/2020

 Immaculata CHS

Resource person: Youth Programs Manager - Ian Whamond Email: ian@maverickvolleyball.ca

Location: Immaculata CHS | 140 Main St, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5P4


Learning the feel and flow of Volleyball can be difficult for beginning athletes if they have to play by regulation rules. Volleyball is a rebound sport where holding the ball is not allowed and control often a difficult skill to achieve – and many never get the chance to experience the excitement of the true game soon enough to develop the enjoyment felt by millions world wide. That's where MAVS-KID VOLLEY comes in. Based on the popular “circulation volleyball” methods introduced in the Netherlands, adopted by Volleyball Canada, and introduced as a Maverick program, the concepts and tactics of volleyball can be discovered in a fast-paced way that allows the game to flow through the use of catch and throw techniques, rapid rotation, and increasing levels of difficulty with progressive development of skills of the game.

In 2015, The Maverick Volleyball Club was selected by the Ontario Volleyball Association as one of only of three Clubs in Ontario to introduce a pilot project of an innovative program known as SMASH BALL. It was a great success and we are now including it as part of our Kids Volley program.

Developed in the Netherlands, Smashball was designed to get young boys interested in volleyball at a younger age. It is based on the three pillars of sport, FUN, MOVEMENT and FEEL. Players get to compete and cooperate with teammates all while building the fundamentals of volleyball.

Available: Available

Price: $150.00 Taxes not included

Required age: 6 - 10 as of 1/31/2020

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Requirements: No Prerequisites. Open to boys and girls of all skill levels

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