MindKraft is a hub for coding, robotics, and STEM learning for kids. We are an organization dedicated to providing opportunities to raise 21st-century creators, programmers, and scientists. Technology is prevalent in every area of life. Yet, most people are users and consumers of technology. They don’t know the fun and power in the ability to create and utilize technology. At MindKraft, we aim to change that! Our goal is to create a future-ready generation of youth who aren’t just consumers but creators of technology. To do this, we aim to ignite the love of science in young kids and encourage them to program, code, create, and design. We believe that every child is curious, creative, and smart. Therefore, we give them skills and tools to excel in the technology-driven world and enjoy a lifetime of success. Let your kid learn, engage, and master coding, programming, designing, and robot-building through fun and interactive lessons.


1011 Upper Middle Road, Unit E-5

Oakville, ON, L6H 4L2

(416) 727-6845

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