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Pathfinder Girls Club Program (HS)

Individual membership

We are super excited to announce that Chris Lyn Soccer Academy (CLSA) and Pathfinder (PFC) are partnering to provide the most comprehensive and unique women's program in the region.  Both programs believe that there is tremendous alignment between CLSA and PFC in culture, method, and organizational goals.  CLSA has decades of experience running programing and coaching in the US women's game.  CLSA operates a no-club-conflict select supplemental training and off-season team program for girls.,  The partnership will not have involved any changes to the current CLSA or PFC operations or programming

PFC and CLSA both had plans to begin offering traditional fall / spring competitive teams.  Our joint discussions involve forming traditional fall / spring teams and pre-professional teams organized under Pathfinder but leveraging the women's coaching and expertise of Chris Lyn and his staff.  Pathfinder's female teams will continue to practice 1x per week throughout the fall, and players will have the option of select team training and programming during the off seasons through CLSA as well.   The synergies between the two programs are tremendous.  Chris and his staff run a professional organization, they know the girls’ game, but most importantly for me, they treat their families like family and have built an atmosphere not dissimilar to what we strive to do at Pathfinder.  Both organizations are focused on providing opportunities for players to achieve their goals by creating genuine pathways for them at the top echelons of the game.  

The team will practice 2x per week in the fall, 1x per week in the winter and 2x per week in the spring.  Tournaments are included in the registration fees.   Uniforms are ordered through soccer.com and are an additional cost.  You will be sent a link to order your uniform following registration. 


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