312 North Main Street Bentonville Arkansas AR 72712 US

Start date: Wednesday, October 6 2021.


 On Wednesday from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

 From 10/6/2021 until 11/10/2021

Resource person: programs@peel.compton.org

Location: Coler MTB Preserve - Homestead


Qi gong is an easy relaxing moving meditation and art form. 

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice used to cultivate robust health and conscious control over aspects of one’s physiology.  Five Animal Sports Qigong is among the oldest continuously practiced qigong sets.  It was Developed by Han Dynasty Doctor, Hua Tou over 2000 years ago.  He observed that humans become disconnected from nature, and our physical and mental health suffer consequently.  Taking inspiration from wild animals,  Five Animal Sports Qigong consists of simple, elegant, breathing exercises and movements based on the habits of the Tiger, Deer, Bear, Ape, and the Bird.  This set will improve your connection and awareness with your surroundings as well as alleviate physical manifestations of stress while comfortably conditioning your physical body.  This class will be appropriate for experienced players or novices alike.

Available: 6

Price: $65.00 Taxes waived

Notes: The $65 covers all 6 sessions. The sessions will be every Wednesday morning @ 8:30am starting on October 6th with the last session being on November 10th.

Requirements: N/A

More information: For more information about the course please contact Erik Hardin, L.Ac Cell (479)903-5022

Tags: Program Wellness

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