Renew Dance is a recreational (non competitive) studio where we dance simply because we love it! At Renew Dance beginners are welcome at any age. We do not require costumes or have a large recital. Our incredibly talented teachers love to teach dance while also allowing children to be creative and have fun! We provide short semesters and have affordable prices with no extra fees. In fall 2016 we began adding a theme each week, which has become a huge hit and an important part of our studio. These themes are things like: be kind, lead, have courage, choose joy, and be humble. Not only do we want to teach your children how to dance, but how to be dancers with GREAT character. This benefits everyone including the students themselves inside and outside of the studio, parents, teachers, and other students.


399 College DR SE

Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 3Y6

(403) 977-2857

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