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Rock City All-Stars (Prep)

All-Star Prep

All-Star Prep is perfect for athletes who are ready to take it to the next level. Some tumbling skills and prior cheer experience are required. Prep introduces a traditional, competitive environment.  It is ideal for those looking for a competitive team with less time / cost commitments and less technical requirements than All-Star Elite.  Our Prep teams have one 2 hour team practice per week and one 1 hour All-Star Tumbling Practice per week.


$185.00 /month

Rock City All-Stars (Elite)

All-Star Elite

All-Star Elite is ideal for those who want to experience all that the sport of All-Star Cheerleading has to offer. All-Star Elite is very competitive and requires a high level of commitment.  It offers the great reward of experiencing the sport of cheerleading at its highest level.   Our Elite teams have two 2 hour team practices per week (one per week in the summer months) and one 1 hour All-Star Tumbling Practice per week.


$250.00 /month

3 Summer Sessions ($290) Click "Continue Shopping" to add additional classes


1. Click the "add" tuition button on the top right first.
2. Pick child
3. Click on "Continue Shopping" button
4. Continue to step 2, to choose another class / Repeat for 3rd class


$290.00 /month

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