183 Third Avenue Ottawa ON K1S 2K2 CA

Guest Pass

This Guest Pass can be used to bring a non-member to St. James to play with a member. Please bring a copy of your receipt to show the Supervisor before going on to the court.

Individual membership


2021 Adult Membership

Single adult membership for the 2021 tennis season for players aged 18 years and over.

Individual membership


2021 Junior Membership

Single membership for players under age 18 for the 2021 tennis season.

Individual membership


2021 Couple Membership

2 adults residing at the same address. (Please ensure you add a "Couple Membership" for each family member at time of purchase using the "Add another person" option. Couple membership pricing is calculated at checkout).

Individual membership


2021 Family Membership

2 adults and juniors (under the age of 18) residing at the same address.

Family membership


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