Studio 101 has become a mecca for artists. We believe the Studio offers an environment that nurtures the mind and soul of the artist-self. The programs offered at the Studio maintain the integrity of classic training in fine art techniques. But there is another side to the coin. Our program also serves my “big picture” approach and honors the journey of the holistic development of the artist-self – the mind, the soul, the courage of the artist by giving the young artist freedom and self-guided practice at a variety of open centers. With this approach, we believe that the artist-self, that exists in every one of us, can breath and grow through life and find its way, not just in front of a canvas, but in everyday steps. A Studio 101 artist can understand that their creative experience goes beyond the holding of the brush or the mark on the paper. With each step they take, creative endeavor is possible and there for their taking. In their studies, their other extra-curricular activities, their friendships – their journey is one blank canvas ready for the strokes to be made with joy, respect and their own voice.

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