733 Stone Rd Guelph ON N1E 3J3 CA

Start date: Thursday, September 12 2019.


 On Thursday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

 From 9/12/2019 until 6/18/2020

 GOS Stone Road Site

Resource person: Arlene Slocombe | 519 - 994 - 0270

Location: GOS Stone Road Site | 733 Stone Rd E, ON , Guelph, ON, N1L 1B8


As much for parents as it is for the tots.

Thursday mornings (9:30am to 11am) throughout the school year.  Oaks and Acorns Parent and Tot Program is:

Simple and rich outdoor immersion: step into wonder with your child, and other families.  Wildlife tracking, nature craft, stewardship projects, feeding chickadees, visiting the river, timeless wanders and thrilling mini-adventures, shelter building, getting to know the plants, games that teach and stretch awareness, story and song.    

Parent discussions center around: options in education, community building and expanding our capacity for positive change, parenting stories, art of questioning and other mentoring techniques, decolonization and reconciliation, community service, rites of passage and child development, stewardship, story telling and music.

Mandatory membership:

  • Annual Membership

Price: $0.00 Taxes not included

Notes: This is a year long registration, covering the school season: from September to the end of June. Please register all participants, adults and children, who will be attending. This provides us with any and all medical and emergency information and ensures each individual is covered by our liability coverage. The membership is once annually, and is $35. Clothing and Food. The GOS site does not have an indoor space. Families should dress, and be prepared for, the weather of the day. Pack food & snacks for morning, there are no nearby options for purchase of food. A thermos of hot tea is always good on cold mornings. See you out there.

More information: A suggested donation of $10 on any morning of participation helps to keep this program vibrant and v

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