At ThriveKids™, we believe that when kids are given the right tools, they can develop the necessary skills to become well rounded, independent and self confident in their lives. Our programs contribute to building a solid foundation for your kids to become Fit. Focused and Fearless™! ---------------------------- Exceptionalities and Conditions At ThriveKids, Inc. we aim to accommodate as many children as we are able. However, children with neurodiversity must be evaluated on a case by case basis. It is the parent's responsibility to share their challenges with us at least one week prior to any program participation, so that we can make our best efforts to give the child our best available support. ThriveKids will evaluate the ability of the child to integrate well into each unique program. Children must be able to work well in a group social setting. ThriveKids, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service if the process of evaluation has not been completed in time for participation in a program. Not having a diagnosis is not an acceptable reason for automatic inclusion. We all know our children's challenges and conditions whether they are diagnosed by a professional or not. At ThriveKids, Inc. we aim to assist families in finding alternative resources or you may supply a one to one resource that is mutually agreed to by both parties. This resource if approved may accompany your child through our programs, at the parent's expense.

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