1500 Coalton Road Superior CO 80027 US

Start date: Tuesday, October 26 2021.


 On Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

 From 10/26/2021 until 12/7/2021

 Community Center - Large Meeting Room

Resource person: Marla Press - m.press@marlapress.com

Location: Community Center - Large Meeting Room | 1500 Coalton Road, Superior, CO, 80027


Do you get a knot in your gut just thinking about public speaking?  The Celebrated Speaker training gives you communication skills that will help you celebrate, not fear or resist, speaking to anyone.  Are you a good speaker, but not getting the results you want? You will  become celebrated by others as inspiring, dynamic, and totally relatable.

The Celebrated Speaker is a 6-week training where you learn and continually practice communication skills while receiving productive and supportive feedback.  This is not your typical speaker training!

             Confused person Exude presence and master the energy around you

             Confused person Eliminate mixed messages with congruent body language

             Confused person  Stop performing and pull your audience in with magnetism

              Confused person  Vocal power

              Confused person  Bring out emotion in your audience

              Confused person  How to use less to create more

              Confused person  Inspire action

              Confused person  Which qualities YOU can add to speak more effectively

              Confused person  Be more authentic, thus increasing trust

The techniques work for everyone from executives to entrepreneurs. You don’t have a business or you’re retired?  This training is for you whether you’re planning your first video, going on a first date, re-igniting your long-term relationship, job interviewing, or want to enhance your communication in any setting.

Available: 12/15

Price: $247.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 18+ on the day of the activity

Notes: Marla Press is a Life Coach, Art of Presence Teacher, Public Speaking Trainer, and Author. She has a degree in Psychology with years of alternative psychological study. She is dedicated to building community with her classes and helping you make your life even more superior.

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