KINEA Solutions was founded in March of 2020. We are a locally owned and operated Training and Coaching company in Calgary, Alberta. We provide training to children and adults with our touch on educating and comfort within our facility. We believe that how you individually learn is the most important as well as how comfortable you are in a training class. We provide individual, broken down, visual in depth training for all that walk through our doors. What matters to us is that while you are receiving your training you are comfortable, feeling safe and not on edge. We are educators sharing our knowledge and gifts with the world around us. We are also people that share the same fears as the rest of the world. Uncomfortable feelings, anxiety and panic when coming into a training class. Why do we do it? We do it because we are just like you - walking into a training class feeling uncomfortable, scared, nervous, anxious and we want to provide a place of training that offers you peace and comfort. Our passion is to deliver a space of training that makes you feel everything you should while feeling your best and let us take care of the rest!


1940 6th Avenue NW

Calgary, AB, T2G 0Y2

(403) 869-3928

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