The Soccer Box is designed to replicate the soccer environments that help produce the world’s elite players. In nearly every instance, soccer brilliance derived from an environment that ensured tons of soccer in tight spaces where the ball is never out of play. With The Soccer Box, we have brought street soccer culture to Houston. Now our kids have a safe space to play street style soccer. They can play in intense, small-sided games in which the ball never gets out of play. Our indoor soccer facility was designed with young players in mind. Our 2 identical fields are designed to maximize skill development for players up to 14 years of age. The fields are small for a simple reason. The lack of room prevents the players from kicking the ball past their opponent and chasing after it. They must use skill and creativity to beat the opponent and get off a quality shot. Players on our indoor soccer fields can score from nearly anywhere so defenders must get touch tight with their opponents. Pressurizing the attacker is great for developing both highly composed and skillful attackers as well as dogged and relentless defenders.


2211 Sabine Street

Houston, TX, 77007

(844) 697-7275

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