Vancouver Writing Academy: We are an education and university admissions consultancy based in White Rock and Vancouver. We focus on improving student's reading and writing skills, and providing  mentorship, extracurricular, and volunteer opportunities to students, as well as assisting students with university entrance essays. 我们是基于温哥华和白石的教育和大学申请咨询机构。我们专业于帮助学生提高阅读写作技能,为学生提供导师,课外活动和义工机会,以及大学文书修改的服务。 Vancouver Debate Academy: Debate is an activity that extends far beyond the basics of argumentation and refutation. Whether it is logical/critical thinking, topic analysis, or presentation skills, debating is a multi-faceted approach to enriching an individual's education. At Vancouver Debate Academy, we take debate to the next level: our goal is to create an environment for students to gain confidence in their public speaking abilities, as well as to develop a nuanced understanding of world issues and how to analyze and argue for/against them. Furthermore, the skills learned from debate, such as how to develop logical and structured arguments, can be used in academic writing, benefiting a student's academic career. 辩论是一种不仅仅教孩子论证和反驳的一项活动。不管是逻辑/思辨思维,主题分析,或者是演讲技能, 辩论是可以从多方面丰富一个人的教育的。 温哥华辩论学院,我们将辩论培训设置了更高的目标-就是给学生可以创造这样一个学习环境:获得演讲信心,以及细致入微的了解世界事件,并能深入分析和论证赞成和反对的理由。 此外,从辩论中学到的技能,例如逻辑和结构化论证的发展,可以用于论文写作,有利于学生的学术生涯。

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