5251 Oak Street Vancouver BC V6M 4H1 CA

Start date: Wednesday, July 10 2019.

Schedule:  On Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  From 7/10/2019 until 7/24/2019  VanDusen Guides Classroom

Resource person: Adult Education Coordinator 604-718-5898

Location: VanDusen Guides Classroom | 5151 Oak St, Vancouver, BC, V6M 4H1


This course is a natural complement to our Autumn series “Collecting Colours”. Capture the colours of a summer garden on cotton and silk textiles. Perfect for beginner dyers or returnees wanting to learn and experiment with more delicate fibers, seasonal alchemy variation, and summer harvests. Practice solar jars, eco-prints, and dye vat skills on cotton. This series culminates with a final project, in which participants can select their favourite combination of skills to create a wearable silk scarf. DEADLINE TO REGISTER: June 25 at 12pm. 

Available: 12/12

Price: $210.00 Taxes included

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Notes: Fee includes supplies.

More information: Instructor: Dana Mulder

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