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Start date: Sunday, May 26 2019.

Schedule:  On Sunday, May 26, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Location: Bowen Island


Explore the botanical and ornithological diversity on Bowen Island on a gentle walk along forest trails to Killarney Lake. Led by VBGA Education Director Gillian Drake, and Birding Guide Richard Wing, we’ll discuss our local ecosystems, and identify native ferns, trees, and more. Learn how to enhance your birding experience by training your ear to focus on the sound of birds calling through the forest. Tour will start at the library, 30m from the ferry dock (no car needed), and will finish in time to board the 1:10 pm ferry back to Horseshoe Bay. Consider making a day of it and visit Bowen’s many cafes, shops and galleries within walking distance of the ferry

Available: 5/15

Price: $35.00 Taxes included

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More information: Instructor: Gillian Drake and Richard Wing

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