4303 Varsity Drive NW Calgary AB T3A0Z7 CA

Start date: Tuesday, December 6 2022.


 On Tuesday, December 6, 2022 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

 Varsity Hall

Resource person: Ann Wohlers

Location: Varsity Hall | 4303 Varsity Dr NW, Calgary, AB, T3A 0Z7


Free Demo classes do not require a Varsity Membership however you must register and complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (PAR-Q)

What does it mean to be ageless?

Aging isn't just skin deep. It's about wellness, movement, attitude, habits, mindset, and nutrition.

The “I Am Ageless Now™ Method” promotes a more vital, active, and pain-free lifestyle, whatever your age or stage of life.  Using a foam roller and/or tennis ball, we will massage to keep our fascia flexible, use gentle movement to lubricate our joints and promote better mobility and flexibility, and use our body weight to train for our active and functional life.

Come experience this rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit session for yourself, and enjoy life pain free with more energy, flexibility, mobility, and strength.

Instructor: Lorene Hughes (Scary Bunny Fitness)

Available: 13/20

Price: $0.00 Taxes included

Required age: 18 - 90 on the day of the activity

Notes: Yoga mat, bare feet, and a tennis ball or small massage ball. Optional – foam roller, Pilate’s ball, or small throw cushion. A chair can be at hand should you require it for balance during the standing portion of the class.

Requirements: All ages and levels of fitness can benefit from this workout.

More information: All water bottles left in the coat room will be disposed of on Friday nights.

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