Wild Child Free School thinks childhood should be fun! We support kids as they form deep connections with each other and the natural world. We seek to inspire scientific curiosity, build community, create emotional connections with nature, and empower children to recognize and pursue their individual passions. We are committed to self-directed learning and inclusive programs as a way to provide powerful life lessons in social, emotional, and educational growth for every child. Wild Child meets the needs of Bay Area homeschooling families by getting kids actively out in nature, learning about science and ecology in an accessible way, with an emphasis on giving individualized attention to a child’s unique social and emotional growth. Wild Child is also focused on helping kids “find their tribe” by emphasizing camaraderie, teamwork, and community-building. Wild Children carry their own food, water and spare clothes for the entire 6-hour day, typically doing 1-3 miles of hiking, thus building strength, stamina and resilience. So far, we’ve had a diversity of kids thrive both socially and intellectually while participating in the program – including many kids who were struggling in traditional academic environments. Please visit our website: for more information on our philosophy, including links to research that points to why this is so important. After your child tries a day with us, we think you'll have the evidence for yourself!

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